Do I Really Need to Rotate my Tires?


At Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks we like being our customers' go-to resource for important car maintenance needs. Over the years, we've found that one question that gets asked a lot is if rotating the tires on your car is really as important as people say.

The short answer is: yes. Yes, it is important.

Getting your tires rotated regularly is necessary for a number of important reasons:

  • It's necessary for your safety, because it ensures your tires wear evenly and helps prevent a dangerous blowout
  • It's necessary for your wallet, because you won't have to buy expensive brand new tires as often
  • It's necessary for your tire warranty, as most manufacturers insist that you rotate the tires in order for warranties to be effective

The good news is, here at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks, we're you're one-stop tire and service center for all of your tire-related needs.

Our service center provides an excellent tire rotation program. Plus, you can book it online for a time that's convenient for you using our service scheduling page.

Just don't forget to check out our parts and service specials before you come in. With these valuable coupons and special deals, you can save valuable money on services and parts you need anyway, like tires.

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