3 Driving Habits That May Be Illegal

Even the best drivers sometimes partake in bad driving habits here and there, but be aware. Some of your driving habits aren’t just dangerous, they could be against the law.

  • Using your cellphone. Most allow the use of cellphones while driving, it's safer to avoid using them when you're behind the wheel. It is important to stay alert and keep your eyes on the road. Even using your device hands-free can distract you from the road.
  • Driving barefoot. It's not illegal in most states, it is suggested that you wear the appropriate shoes at all times while driving. Driving while barefoot could cause your foot to slip off the gas or brake pedal, causing you too lose control of the vehicle.
  • Failing to change lanes when there's an emergency vehicle next to you. Many people are unaware of this law, but you're supposed to reduce your speed by 20 miles per hour or change lanes away from an emergency vehicle that's on the side of the road.
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