Hop Into the New Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a midsized SUV line that is perfect at what it does. There are many reasons to drive a medium sized SUV. These include moving people, cargo, and riding around in style. At Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks, we have a whole host of excellent Ford Escape models for every situation. Ford's name is legendary in the automotive world, and they take their unique brand of Americana, fine engineering, and usability to create the dynamic Ford Escape lineup.

This vehicle is incredibly capable both as a rural/tough terrain SUV or a people mover in urban and suburban areas. There are two main storage spaces, one in the trunk and one below the front passenger seats. The gas mileage on the Ford Escape differs between the three models, there are electric, hybrid and gasoline versions of the Ford Escape. There are also off-road packages available for the Escape.



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