Drive Safe in the Ford Fusion

Midsize sedans provide a car owner with the best of both worlds. The midsize sedan makes good gas mileage, and its larger size makes it safer than a small vehicle. The midsize also has enough room for the family, so you don't have to move up in size to a larger sedan or a SUV.

Safety is an important feature in the midsize sedan, and the 2018 Ford Fusion provides some performance features which help with safety. The Fusion has all-wheel drive. This feature helps your car maintain a good grip on the road surface even in rainy and snowy conditions. The Ford Fusion also comes with electric, power-assisted steering. It helps you control the car better at both higher and lower speeds.

If you live in Grand Forks, or the surrounding area, stop in at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks, and test drive the 2018 Ford Fusion. Check out the safety and performance of this midsize sedan.
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