Focus RS: Hottest of the Hot Hatches

The Ford Focus RS is far and away America's hottest entry into the hot-hatch vehicle segment. The Focus RS is revered across the globe as a strong performer in wide array of racing formats. This is thanks in part to the European inspired design mixed with the classic Ford heritage.

The RS dominates on the street and on the track with its class-leading 2.3 liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder. This highly tuned version of the EcoBoost generates 350 hp. The key to street and track dominance is the ability to put the power to the ground, and Ford has made huge improvements in this area with the latest Focus RS. New to the Focus RS is a Quaife limited slip differential. The LSD, as it is known to enthusiasts, uses internal clutches, and in this case, computer control to manage the distribution of torque to the drive wheels. This feature limits tire spin, adding speed. Features like this give the Focus RS a clear advantage over the competition.

​Come see just how dominant the RS is at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks.



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