Tech Features in the Ford Ranger are Turning Heads in Grand Forks

Ford has birthed many popular models, such as the Ford Ranger. This midsize pickup truck has fans, and it continues to gain more with tech features like the following.

Rear View Camera

Yes, this truck has a rearview camera that makes backing up easier. Most people can relate to the challenge of constantly turning your neck and looking in the rearview mirror when trying to back up. This camera is here to make that task a little less challenging.

Lane Keep

Here is another awesome tech perk you are going to like having in the Ranger. Ford knows that people make mistakes when driving, and some of these mistakes can put you and others in danger. This danger can be decreased with the lane keeping tech features that warn you if you are drifting into another lane.

Keep in mind that these are just two examples, but there are more that you can experience once you jump into a Ranger for a test drive at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks.



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