The Ford Edge ST is Full of Performance Technology

Consumers nowadays want a vehicle that is good at everything. They want a vehicle that is efficient, sporty, and can fit the whole family. Ford noticed this trend and they tuned their Edge so it could do all three. The Edge ST is the performance version of the Edge SUV. Our team in Grand Forks loves how efficient and powerful the Edge ST is.

The Edge ST is also incredibly versatile, thanks to its intelligent AWD system. This AWD system allows for the rear driveline to go unpowered if it is not necessary. This allows only the front wheels to get power and it increases the Edge ST's fuel efficiency. The Edge ST also comes with a performance suspension set up that lessens body roll and increases steering control. This allows the Edge ST to have a lower center of gravity and take tighter turns than the standard Edge.

To fully understand the performance of the Edge ST we recommend that you take it for a test drive at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks. We know that once you take it for a spin you aren't going to want to get out of it.



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