Here at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks, we are often asked to recommend a vehicle that can handle anything that life might throw at it. In these instances, we often find ourselves pointing people toward the Ford EcoSport. This popular compact SUV offers all of the capability features that a driver could ever need.

Our friends and neighbors in Grand Forks will be especially impressed with the EcoSport's automatic start-stop technology. This innovative feature automatically shuts off your engine when stopped at a traffic light or stuck in traffic and then re-activates it again when it is time to get moving. No need to waste fuel while idling.

When the weather gets bad or the road gets a little slippery, the EcoSport has got you covered. Its intelligent four-wheel drive system offers increased traction and enhanced handling in just about any conditions. You can truly rely on the EcoSport to get you wherever you need to be.



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