The 2019 F-150 Raptor at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks is a good 500 pounds lighter than previous generations. This reduction in weight, however, has absolutely no impact on the rugged design and high capability the Raptors are known for. A high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body combine with superior off-road technological advances that make any adventure well worthwhile.

The all-new Trail Control ™ feature offered with the 2019 Raptor in Grand Forks can be described as the cruise-control of severe off-road driving. This function allows you to set the speed you want. The advanced computer system will then take over, performing braking and acceleration as needed.

Sometimes, off-road driving requires you to reduce the psi of the air in your tires to permit greater traction over rugged terrain. For many vehicles, low psi increases the risk of the tire bead popping off the wheel. Ford fixed the problem by introducing Bead Lock technology, a system that clamps the tires to the wheels for optimal performance. You can now place your focus on enjoying the ride with enhanced steering confidence.



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