The Ford Transit Wagon Has Options for a Crowd

The Ford Transit Wagon has seating for multiple passengers. Thanks to its spacious design, many people in Grand Forks use the Ford Transit Wagon to run a shuttle service.

This vehicle is available in various configurations, and each option has a different number of seats for passengers. Ford makes the Transit Wagon with seating for two to five passengers and a very roomy option for up to 14 to 15 passengers. All of the Ford Transit automobiles have strategically designed doors that slide, so the process of stepping in and out of the cabin is never a hassle. Seniors can also enter and exit the Ford Transit Wagon with ease because it has convenient steps that lead to the cabin zone.

Ford Transit Wagons with different seating configurations are featured at Lithia Ford Lincoln of Grand Forks. This Ford automobile is a practical form of transportation for a shuttle business because it can transport a crowd of people safely to a variety of destinations.



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