Research and Shop for Your Favorite Ford in Grand Forks

Rugged and revered, the new Bronco brings an exhilaration for life back into Ford's lineup of adventure SUVs.  Hailed as the chief commander of off-road exploration in Grand Forks, the new Ford Bronco is anything but tame.

To help you give you an edge over the competition, the Ford Edge combines the likes of on-road efficiency with a new unparalleled design.  A product of Ford's aerodynamic engineering, the Ford Edge is a reliable daily driver that flows swiftly through the wind in Grafton, ND.

Every journey starts with an idea, including the creation of the redesigned Ford Expedition. Built lengthy and large to accommodate your friends and family, the Ford Expedition teeters the line of luxury with its sophisticated exterior and world-class design.

America's best selling and most popular pickup truck needs no introduction.  Explore the advanced capability of the new Ford F-150 and commandeer the off-roads in Hillsboro, MN, with a confident pickup that continues to stand the test of time.

Hailed for its incredible transformation of muscle building over the years, the Ford Mustang is back and stronger than ever.  Put the pedal to the floor and feel the butterflies in your stomach turn over as you hit top speed behind the wheel of Ford's quintessential Mustang.

At the top of the food chain is where the beasts come out to play, including the Ford Super Duty.  Reinforced for all of your heavy-duty endeavors in Grand Forks, the Super Duty provides immense capability, power output, and traction control while trailering heavy loads.

At the peak of versatility, the Ford EcoSport revels in its ability to handle the ebbs and flows of everyday life.  From the compact city streets to the roads less traveled, the EcoSport always provides the confidence you need to safely reach your destination.

Escape the monotony of life with the Ford Escape - a compact and city-friendly SUV with a distinctive personality that speaks to you. Discover the versatile crossover in East Grand Forks, MN, and put your family on the map with one of Ford's most prized new vehicles.

With the new Ford Explorer, you'll be immensely proud to be the center of attention. Revitalized over the years to create something mesmerizing, the new Ford Explorer captivates the soul with a fiercely stylish exterior, increased ride height, and more!

The Ford Fusion comes together in a blend of style and technology that's hard to miss on the roads in Crookston, MN.  Not only is the Fusion a champion of the daily commute, but its elegant exterior illuminates the potential of this classic crusader.

Whether you're on- or off-duty, the Ford Ranger doesn't take any days off.  Ready for your next adventure when you are, the Ranger brings new athletic life to Ford's collection of versatile pickup trucks.

The Ford Transit cargo van is about as efficient as you can get.  Boasting spacious accommodation and flexible storage options for all your cargo, the Transit helps take your talents to anywhere they're needed.