Need an Oil Change? Choose the Service Center at Lithia Ford of Grand Forks

Are you in need of an oil change in Grand Forks, ND? Is the time to change your oil long overdue? We understand that there is the tendency to want to put off oil changes to a time later on in the future. You may even think that a couple hundred miles over the recommended interval isn't going to hurt anything. While it may be tempting to put off oil changes, they are a vital part of keeping your vehicle healthy. You can get a Ford oil change at Lithia Ford of Grand Forks, located at 2273 32nd Avenue S in Grand Forks, ND.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

For many people, oil changes are something they do because they know they are supposed to do it. Some folks don't understand the reasons why routine oil changes are so important. Changing your oil at the recommended intervals is one of the best ways to keep your engine healthy and running smoothly. When you get your oil changed, you are preventing the buildup of sludge, dirt, and other particles that will reduce the performance of your Ford car, truck, or SUV. In addition, oil changes are key in making sure that your engine components are properly lubricated. Without this lubrication, the engine components will heat up because of friction. This can lead to engine failure and expensive auto repairs.

Why Should I Choose Lithia Ford of Grand Forks for My Oil Changes?

At the service center at Lithia Ford of Grand Forks, we are your home for a Ford oil change. Our service technicians are factory-trained and Ford-certified, meaning they know your Ford car, truck, or SUV better than anyone else and will make sure it gets the recommended oil it needs. They will know whether your Ford model should use conventional, synthetic blend, or fully synthetic oil. We also always have a goal to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Why change your oil every few thousand miles if there's still enough oil in your engine?

Even though there may be an acceptable quantity of oil in your engine, if the quality is compromised, it isn't doing its job. An engine without enough oil runs the risk of severe damage. But very old or very dirty oil can still cause problems for your engine!

Be proactive. Check your oil levels every time you stop for gas, and make sure you adhere to your vehicle's oil change recommendations. Want to make the process even easier? Ask about our Lifetime Oil Change Program for a worry-free service plan! Our parts department has all of the oil, filters, fittings, and supplies to get the job done right, every time. Contact Lithia Ford of Grand Forks today to schedule your appointment.

Scheduling Your Oil Change

If you are currently in need of an oil change, you can contact one of our helpful service advisors on the phone, or make your service appointment online, at Lithia Ford of Grand Forks, serving Grand Forks and Grafton, ND, as well as East Grafton, Hillsboro, and Crookston, MN. Schedule your oil change today and ensure your engine continues to stay healthy.

Looking for oil change info on the fly? Give our MyLithia Service App a try!


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